Dimmer Compatibility

  Dimmer Compatibility for ALL our dimmable LED Products:

Lutron Dimmers:

Best: DVELV-300P Good: DVCL-153P Average: DV-600P  

Other Dimmers:

May work with other dimmers. Best to choose a dimmer with Forward Phase load type and adjustable Low End Trim.   Wireless Dimmer Compatibility: Best: Lutron Caséta PRO Good: Lutron Caséta Note: Please set load type of all Caséta series dimmers to Forward Phase and adjust Low End Trim. By default, Caséta series dimmers are set to Reverse Phase. Caséta PRO series provides Neutral connection which eliminates any chance of ghosting effect when switches are turned off.  

The following is an expanded dimmer compatibility list for SPECIFIC dimmable LED bulbs.



CNA Model Numbers Lutron Leviton Legrand Cooper
  LED 6.5W GU10 & LED 6.5W Par16 DVELV-300P SELV-300P NELV-450 DV-600P DV603PG DVCL-153P TGCL-153 TG-600PHLH S-600P GL-600H LGCL-153PL D-603PH CN-600 AY-600P 6631 6672 6674 6683 6633-P   HCL453PTCCCV6   9530WS DLC03P